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This game has 1 track.

# Title Length Genre
Live and Learn


This game has 23 artists credited for working on it.

Name Role
Crush 40
Jun Senoue Sound Director, Music and Lyrics, Music Produced By,
Johnny Gioeli Lyrics
Yukifumi Makino Executive Sound Coordinator
Masaru Setsumaru Sound Effects
Fumie Kumatani Music and Lyrics
Kenichi Tokoi Music and Lyrics
Tomoya Ohtani Music and Lyrics
Ted Poley Lyrics
Paul Shortino Lyrics
Takashi Endoh Sound Effects
Makiko Nishimura Sound Effects Programmer
Atsushi Kosugi Music Produced By
Heigo Tani Music Produced By
Takayoshi Umeno Music Produced By
The Riddle Recording Engineer
Roy Hendrickson Recording Engineer
Hirokazu Akashi Recording Engineer
Yoshitada Miya Recording Engineer
Masahiro Fukuhara Recording Engineer
Chifumi Karasawa Recording Engineer
Satoru Izaki Recording Engineer
Kenji Miyamoto Recording Engineer

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