About Us

Founded in 2017 by Nickno, Soundtest.FM is a website dedicated to all things video game music. Our coverage includes all games, their related albums, tracks and songs from each game/album, the artists and musicians involved, game systems, and a glossary catch-all of terms and related topics. We are a wiki, which means anyone has the ability to edit or create articles on the site. Unlike most wikis, we use custom software instead of dedicated wiki software like MediaWiki. We will also keep you up to date on any news through our video game music blog.

One of the best parts of video game music is being able to listen to it! We stream a variety of video game music radio stations, each with its own theme (jazz, a specific series/system, etc). The audio is continuous as you browse, so you can listen while you edit or read. If you want to know more about a song currently playing (or add something you may know), the player bar's song data will link you to the corresponding game/album, track, and artist pages.